Volume and Mute controls

Apps Kids Love apps contain separate sound controls from the device but can also be silenced by the device. This is so the apps do not interfere with music, GPS directions or notifications and so parents can enjoy silent time away from talking Princesses and roaring Dinosaurs if they choose..

Because of this there are a few things to check if sound does not play.

  • Is the in app volume set to on? Our apps contain custom themed volume buttons and check mark volume buttons on their menus like the examples below from Dinosaur JigSaw and Animals Matching.

  • Is the device volume set above zero?
  • Is the hardware mute toggle set to the orange off position?

App Conflicts

A third source of audio issues can come from conflicts with multitasking apps. All of our apps are designed to allow other audio sources priority this is to make sure music apps, GPS, incoming phone calls or Facetimes come through.

Some apps, for reasons that are usually well intentioned take control of the audio even when in the background.

To be sure another app is not interfering try following these instructions from the iPhone Mom to shut down background apps. This process is good for any iPhone or iPad user to know as it can prevent several common problems.

iPhone Mom – How to Shut Down Apps

We hope those steps will be enough to help get sounds going but if not please contact us and we will gladly troubleshoot. There also could be bugs we need to know about and fix so please make sure to let us know so we can provide the best apps possible.

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